Serving the finest services like Procurement Advisors Services, Export Incentives Services, Financial Advisory Services, etc.

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Serving the finest services like Procurement Advisors Services, Export Incentives Services, Financial Advisory Services, etc.

About Us

Given the establishment of our company, Dhanvi Exim in the recent year of 2020, we have already become a major service provider of numerous services. We always concentrate on providing our customers with the best quality of services for building up a broad customer base. All of our solutions including Logistics Services, Financial Advisory Services, Procurement Advisors Services, Export Incentives Services, etc., are of the top class and delivered to customers at the most competitive market price. All the customers who have done business with us, have always appreciated our wide ranging services. In addition to delivering a quality-assured range of services, we also make sure that the approach with which we perform business with the clients stays ethical and entirely open.


The initial and most important step of a newly formed company is planning that we have already implemented in our organization. In order to expand our business in the market we have looked at various different factors such as customer preferences, market conditions, our rivals, etc. Moreover, some of the main aspects of our planning are as follows:

  • To attract the most potential market customers and serve them our exceptional range of services.
  • To analyze our competitors in the industry and keep the prices for our services as minimal as possible.
  • To provide a safe and productive work environment for our employees. 
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by completing all orders within the agreed time frame.

Our Expertise

We in our company are supported with personnel who have vast years of experience in the field of procurement advisory, logistics, financial advisory, exporting services, etc. We utilize the great expertise of our team to provide the customers with the best services such as Financial Advisory Services, Export Incentives Services, Logistics Services, Procurement Advisors Services, etc.

Ethical Business Practices

As a customer-focused business, when working with them, we continually adhere to ethical business standards. We maintain complete openness from our end, from the receipt of their respective orders to the final step of completion. The main pillars of our ethical business practises are factors such as transparency, loyalty, dignity and respect for others.

Our Vision

The main vision of our company is to provide quality-oriented services like Export Incentives Services, Procurement Advisors Services, Financial Advisory Services, Logistics Services, etc., which are based on their specific demands. 
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